Our Vision

We envision steady-state engagement between military and development practitioners that fosters a continual process of learning and adapting to the realities of insecurity and conflict. In the short term, we will enable more successful, impactful programs and improve lives in fragile states. In the long run, we will contribute to more informed strategic decisions on when and how military forces should do development activities in pursuit of national security goals.

Our Mission

Mitra helps clients tasked with development-oriented lines of effort operationalize contextually appropriate best-practices, by connecting with a network of development professionals. 

  1. We provide independent advising, structuring focused engagements and drawing development experts working full time in their substantive area;
  2. We focus on sustained, operational-level interaction;
  3. We are agile in connecting specific development knowledge to the field;
  4. We deliberately create a dynamic resource, shifting the debate on what works and what doesn’t work for military-led development efforts.

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